The number six (6) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is Clean water and Sanitation for every human living on the planet Earth. Step-Up Green Climate Warriors Initiative is committed to achieving these global goals by carrying out activities and projects for societal development in our local communities.

In the year 2021, we set out to rural communities in partnership with SUKHI 222 to deliver water filters sent from the United States of America by our partners to communities in rural areas in Nigeria who barely have access to clean, drinkable water. In the course of this campaign for clean water and sanitation for all, we visited various rural communities and schools in Gwagwalada, Abuja. We donated the Sawyer water filters to them, showing them how to assemble, dissemble and clean up the filters when need be. In some of the schools we visited, the students were amazed at the manner in which these water filters were assembled, some even took it as a challenge and tried to assemble one themselves without having done so before. We were excited at the results because they did quite well in setting up the water filters we gave out to their school.

In the first month of the New Year 2022, our team and partners also set out in enthusiasm to reach out to other communities with this Sawyer water filters. This time around SUGCWI team was accompanied by some of the team members of Strategy and innovation for Development initiative — SI4DEV. It was a worthy collaboration given the fact that this organization is also concerned about community development and Committed just like us to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Leaving Gwagwalada, this time around we went to the Kuje Area Council of the FCT. Our first stop was a rural community called Godoji. The first place we visited was the Emir’s palace of this small village. Our team received a warm reception and was ushered into the living room of the palace where we made our intentions for visiting known to the head of the community. We spent a little while talking about some of the challenges the community was facing. Inaccessibility to clean, potable water dominated the discussion. We felt bad when we were showed the shallow tiny wells the people draw water from. The water was colored and looks unfit for human consumption. The only clear water we could find in that community was the one generated using hand pumps.

At the palace, we brought out our Sawyer water filters, talking in details the benefits of using these filters to sieve out bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms found in water. We showed the dignitaries in the palace how to assemble them and donated two to the palace before leaving.

We visited the school in Godoji community called LEA primary school Godoji, Kuje. The school was set up by the government to meet up with the educational needs of the community. We met with the heads of the school; spoke at length about our commitment to meeting up with the Sustainable Development Goals and the various activities we‘ve been carrying out in schools and communities to bring that into reality.

The kids in the school were excited to see us. We observed that the population of students in the school was low. We spoke with the students about the current trends of global warming and climate change and that our actions as individuals, organizations and communities can have either a positive or negative impact in our society. We encouraged these little ones coming up to be agents for positive change in spite of where there were coming from. We demonstrated the assembling of the water filters to the students, some of whom were willing to try. We also show them how to dissemble and clean them up if they are clogged. Before leaving, we donated two Sawyer water filters to LEA Primary School, Godoji, Kuje to assist them in gaining access to clean, and potable water.

The next day, some members of our team also visited School of the Gifted in Gwagwalada to also donate some Sawyer water filters.

Our commitment to meeting up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) waxes stronger everyday and we will go to great lengths in our capacity to bring that into fruition. Our organization runs on grants and funding received from friends of the environment. So far, the little funds we’ve garnered have been channeled into various community projects. Our arms are wide open to receive grants to assist us in our works across various rural communities in Abuja and Nigeria. We are also are open to partnership from friends of the environment worldwide.

It is our responsibility to take care of and protect our environment. We’ve got only this planet.

-Joshua Imoikor

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