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When we talk about environmental sustainability, we aren’t just talking about fixing things for the here and the now, we are not referring to something ephemeral but that which would stand the test of time. It is no longer news that we are in a perilous climatic situation and our actions and inaction's would not only have a long term effect not on us but also our progeny — future generations. Having this in mind, we make conscious efforts to make ourselves and our environment better, and we do this by encouraging, training and nurturing youngsters on issues pertaining to the environment.

Why sustainability?

With the present state of affairs of the world viz. an ever increasing population; depletion or overuse of natural resources; destruction of natural ecosystems; abuse and pollution of natural resources such as soil, water and air, sustainability may be our life-buoy in the nearest future. Sustainability entails meeting the needs of the PRESENT GENERATION without negatively affecting the ability of the NEXT GENERATION to meet their own needs. It involves the sustenance and preservation of biodiversity and the natural ecosystems so that our progeny can as well enjoy the natural environment as we do enjoy it now. Global warming and climate change invigorates us to take an even more serious step towards making a better world for our children and the next generation.

Why youngsters?

The youngsters who are said to be the leaders of tomorrow have to learn the art and act of leading today. Young people are agile, intrepid, bold, courageous and dexterous. It is pertinent that they become acquainted with the climate, our actions that affect it and the solutions that can be proffered to mitigate or solve these climatic problems. It is important that in their capacity, they should embrace, protect and care for the environment that surrounds them.

How do we get them engaged?

It would be easier to get people engaged in climatic activities at a younger age than when they are older. And this is even better as they would have garnered enough experiences from a younger age through adulthood. At Step-Up Green, we encourage pollution reduction and resource management; we also get youngsters involved in the fight against global warming and climate change through Eco-smart orientation programs, climate change education, tree planting and tree planting campaigns, conscientious waste disposal and better waste disposal mechanisms.

Where do we get them engaged?

Nigeria as a nation has a very high population of young people and it would do the nation a whole lot of good when these young people are engaged in productive activities. In light of this, we visit schools, most especially those in rural communities. We’ve observed that these people barely get to know what is happening in the real world, most of the information reaching them is passive. So we educate these young people on global warming, how it causes climate change and its aftereffects such as flooding and erosion. We also inform them on the importance of plastics and its dangers when it gets to water bodies and landfills. We also visit farming communities, schools in urban areas as well as tertiary institutions.

At Step-Up Green Climate Warriors Initiative, we are aware that the fight against global warming, environmental degradation and resource mismanagement isn’t an easy task neither is it a one — man — army war, so we try as much as possible to get everyone involved, we also partner with other organizations who are concerned about the environment and what can be done to preserve it. Having all hands engaged and with conscientiousness, we certainly are going to make a difference and bring about positive change.

We start by educating youngsters at a very young age, so they can cut down on the use of ozone-depleting products as the grow up, as well as embrace the environment in their neighborhood, ONE PIECE OF NATURE AT A TIME.

21 September 2020

-Imoikor Joshua

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Step-Up Green Climate Warriors Initiative

Step-Up Green Climate Warriors Initiative is an Eco-smart friendly non-profit Organization in Nigeria and support of the Earth Saving Initiative founded in 2016