Never too early for action

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It is a new season, another opportunity for advancement and growth; another opportunity to build back better; it is another opportunity to influence others in a positive way. The previous year has exposed many of our weaknesses as well as our strengths, especially with the twin-covid climate crisis. it has opened our eyes to see the potentials in ourselves, it has shown that the little efforts we make, that helping hand we stretch out, those little words of encouragement really does have an impact. It is a year we can never forget in a hurry.

This new season is endowed with a lot of opportunities and it is important we take advantage of them. Though a vaccine might have been developed for the deadly Covid-19, there is no pill we can take to avert the impending doom of global warming, only an action taken earnestly would really make a change.

It is no longer news that there have been an ever increasing temperature globally termed ‘global warming’, and this is causing a ripple effect, the most noticeable being climate change. It is however of great concern to environmentalists and earth enthusiasts that there’s a feigned ignorance on the part of those in power concerning this issue and worst still, many who are even concerned do not really understand what global warming is.

Global warming isn’t a seasonal occurrence that dissipates when it is out of season, it is a daily occurrence and it is no respecter of region, climate, race or culture. Global warming is the very event happening under our nostrils. It is what is causing an ever increase in reported flooding in places where it wasn’t so prevalent ; it is what is causing a poor yield and harvest in farmlands due to a change in climate; global warming is what is causing the ice caps in the polar regions to melt, increasing the volume of water in the ocean; global warming is what is causing the release of methane gases that have been trapped for thousands of years to begin to escape into the atmosphere; global warming is what is causing aquatic and terrestrial animals adapted to cold environments to begin to migrate in search of suitable habitats; global warming is the next catastrophe we’re taking with levity.

Global warming however is something we can take action to mitigate while we still have time. Fortunately for us, we haven’t gotten to a situation whereby we are helpless and cannot do something. Unfortunately, we don’t have so much time for we have lingered long enough, to this effect, our saving grace would be to take action while we still can.

Global warming which is responsible for climate change is an environmental issue and every human activity takes place in the environment. Therefore, there are no limits set nor are there any restrictions for anyone willing to join this fight against global warming. If things go out of hands, it affects us all irrespective of our status, profession or ideology. If the situation is contained efficiently, we all enjoy the benefits.

This is a clarion call to every human to join in the fight against global warming and climate change. We don’t have to own a fortune companies to join the fight, the little effort we put would go a long way. Human activities has exacerbated the increase, fixing the carnage of global warming, starts in our very own environment, let our charity begin at home.

We start by regulating our activities; air pollution caused by carbon emissions contributes greatly to thickening of the atmosphere, resulting in global warming. We can reduce air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution, this would go a long way in making our environment a better place. Planting of trees is also necessary, you don’t have to be involved in a saw mill before seeing the need to plant a tree. Plant a tree in your environment — home, school, work, organization etcetera. Nurture these plants and encourage others to do the same.

Together, we can do something about global warming and climate change. Making the environment a better place should be our priority for it is our responsibility. Let us take action in the New Year, it is never too early.

  • Imoikor Joshua

7th January 2021

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