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As the world population increases tremendously, our consumption also increases thus putting more stress on the available resources. With our advances in science and technology, we are developing methods to increase agricultural production in order to fend for this ever growing population.

Just as the available resources are being explored and exploited, we are constantly generating a lot of waste and this has reached alarming heights causing pollution here and there. The resources so far put into use which at the same time are under so much stress includes water, air, food, oil, minerals, natural gas as well as plant and animals. The waste generated from the exploitation of these resources has now posed serious threats to the planet, chief among them being the release of excess carbon gases into the atmosphere which has resulted in global warming. Aside the threat of global warming and climate change, these available resources are under so much pressure that in the next few decades they will be no more. Thousands of plant and animal species go extinct every year not due to some natural cataclysm but man’s activities. It is pertinent that we find solutions to all of these and do so quick.

The Global Recycling Day slated for the 18th of March is set aside to acknowledge and celebrate the essence and importance that recycling plays in protecting the planet’s natural resources and ensuring continuous availability of these resources to foster sustainability. Recycling of both natural and man made resources is of great importance not only to man but to the planet in general. Every year, recycled materials saves over 700 million tons in carbon emissions and this is bound to increase by up to 1 billion tons in 2030.

As long as we consume, we will always generate waste and this is an opportunity for when such waste materials are recycled, they tend to renew the resources we’ve used before. The recycling of waste is also an opportunity to create wealth and generate income for those who participate in it. Recycling removes harmful and toxic materials from water and land putting them into useful products. Recycling is an efficient tool in fighting global warming as less resources would be exploited reducing the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

At Step-Up Green Climate Warriors Initiative, we join the rest of the world to celebrate Global Recycling Day as well as recycling heroes from Greta Thunberg to every environmentally conscious individual all over the world. Recycling of materials is key to attaining sustainability. We join hands with the rest of the world to put the planet first in all our dealings. For we have no planet B.


Let us take responsibility and convert that waste to wealth through recycling.

Make Solutions not Pollution !!Remember it’s Rubbish when we don’t RECYCLE!!

Imoikor Joshua

18th March, 2021

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